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Youkits MT1 QRP manual tuner
with SWR and PWR meter, kit and assembled

  • Working on 40m to 10m band
  • Maximum impedance on 40m: 2K, above 30m:4K
  • Woring with power of 20W
  • QRP manual tuner for long wire
  • QRP power meter
  • QRP SWR meter
  • Clear meter display
  • No battery needed
  • MT1 manual
Kit version $69
Assembled version $89
Shipment date: 15/Aug
Youkits MT1 manual tuner



Youkits HB-1A MK2 2014 QRP CW transceiver

new SWR indicator function

  • Assembled and tested
  • QSK
  • TX:7.0-7.3Mhz, 14.0-14.35Mhz (10.1-10.15Mhz need mod)
  • RX: 5-16Mhz
  • Power consumption: RX 70mA, TX 0.7A
  • Output:4-5W at 12VDC
  • Adjustable CW speed
  • 4 IF crystal filter, adjustable 400Hz-3KHz
  • side tone 700Hz
  • Step: 10Hz,100Hz,1KHz,100KHz
  • Shipment date: 25/Aug, preorder now we send free 18650 lithium battery pack and charger. Only $219

Youkits HB-1B MK2 4 band QRP CW transceiver



New! Youkits EK1A and EK1B
3 Band QRP CW transceiver kit

EK1B 3 Band QRP CW transceiver kit
covering 20m, 17m and 15m band
  • RX:13.9-22MHz
  • TX: 14.0-14.35MHz, 18.068-18.168MHz, 21.0-21.45MHz
  • Size: 120mm x 51mm x 103mm
  • Weight:420g
  • Working voltage:9-16VDC
  • RX voltage: 120-130ma TX:0.8A (on 12VDC)
  • Power output: 4-5W
  • Sidetone:700Hz
  • Built in keyer, speed adjustable
  • SMD parts all finished
  • DDS board tested and aligned
  • Kit assemble time is about 2 hours
  • Can install our 18650 battery pack
  • Operating manual
  • EK1A Assemble manual
  • EK1B Assemble manual
  • Schematic
EK1A 3 Band QRP CW transceiver kit
covering 40m, 30m and 20m band
  • TX covering:7.0-7.3MHz, 10.1-10.15MHz, 14.0-14.35MHz
  • RX covering: 7-16Mhz
In production


Youkits FG-01
2013 version
Youkits FG-01A
2014 version



FG01 and FG01a both  now come with  18650 battery pack as requested by many operators, enjoy!

new  2014 project
TJ5A HF 20W SSB CW Transceiver Kit and assembled

operating manual
RX:3.500-30.000Mhz (broardband RX is available by adjusting the jump cap)
Tx:7.000-7.3000Mhz, 14.000-14.350Mhz,21.000-21.450Mhz, 28.000-29.700Mhz
High performance AGC
features strong signal handing ability
+/- 120Hz RIT is available
DDS controlled, LCD display,heavy duty metal case
SSB: 0.25-20W, CW:0.1-10W output adjustable,rx sensitivity 0.2uV
10Hz,100Hz,1KhHz,10KHz,100KHz tuning rate available
Dual VFO with 40 memories
Memory transfer to VFO
Crystal IF filter 2.4K
RX:250MA, TX:4A
size:180mm wide x 58mm high x 200mm deep, battery case deep 35mm
weight: 1500g without battery

TJ5A equips with a bolt on battery box, enough space for 6pcs of 18650 lithium battery, total 4400mah

Preorder Price:$399 (no battery)
TJ5A fully assembled version, comes with custom made speaker handmic
Shipment date:1st week of Aug
Youkits TJ5A HF SSB CW Transceiver

TJ5A accessories (must be purchased with TJ5A)

custom made 4400mAh lithium battery pack with charger  $39
military version radio back, holding TJ5A with battery pack $15

TJ2B MK2 5 Band SSB Handheld Transceiver

Now MK2 with easy setup and adjustment

Full assembled and tested, ready to use.

New final transistor RD15
DDS controlled, Minature LCD display with frequency
3-5W output
TX/RX: 5-21MHz, covering  60m, 40m, 20m,17m and 15m band (No TX on 30m)
1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz tuning rate availabe
Dual VFO with 40 memories
Memory transfer to VFO
One tuning knob plus 4 keys to realize all functions such as Step, Mode, A/B, Memory/VFO, Memory to VFO transfer, etc.
Built in speaker, mic and PTT
Lithium battery pack:1600mah with charger
Enclosure size: 195mm(L) x 68mm (w) x 38mm (T)

Optional accessories

Assembled version  $329
free radio pouch
free lithium battery + charger
free hand mic

Improved and simplified design
Tune knob instead of key and much more
In development
new2013 project
TT1A 2 Band CW transmitter kit
Introduce price is only $129!
TT2A works at 7.030 and 14.060. However, crystal sockets are used in the kit, offering a more flexible frequency switching. Crystals ranging from 60m – 20m can be plugged in to work without altering the tank coil.
The frequency range for BAND 1 is 5 – 7.50MHz. 60m – 40m is covered. Simply pull out 7.030 crystal, and plug in a crystal ranging from 5 – 7.30MHz. Re-tune CT1 to produce the maximum power. For example, plug in a 5.320 crystal. What you have to do is to tune CT1. You do not have to change the band coil. That simple!
The frequency range for BAND 2 is 10 – 14.50MHz. 30m – 20m is covered. Simply pull out 14.060 crystal, and plug in a crystal ranging from 10 – 14.30MHz. Re-tune CT1 to produce the maximum power.
The kit works at 17 – 15m by changing the required crystals. However the tap of the tank coil should be altered.
Note. High performance 6C3 is used to replace 6N1. Please jump pin 1 and pin 9 of V1 with a wire.

Output: 4W
Power supply need: 200-250V 100ma, 6.3V 2A
Enjoy building this 2-band CW tube transmitter, watching the conforting glow from the tube pumping out 4W, only a weekend's work.

Have fun!
TT1A assemble instruction 30/Sep New!
Now comes with custom made acrylic frame!

Please contact Borden Radio for TT1A kit available in US.

2010-2013 project
(Will be upgraded by MK2 version)
TJ4A pictures
Assemble instruction 29/09!
Instruction of connection
Block chart
Main board part list Feb 09
DDS part list Feb 09
Power board part list Feb 09
PA board part list Feb 09
Q27 MOD Feb 09
Keyer setup


JN3MUC TJ4A building blog
G4IHZ TJ4A review


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