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Youkits TJ2B 2017 HF SSB CW Handheld Transceiver fully assembled and tested Pre-order


Bulk shipment in Nov!

New feature

High-performance IF AGC
RX: 2~30MHz
TX: 3 Ham band(40m/20m/17m) covering
New S meter display on screen, new battery power level while transmitting
CW function
Comes with handmic and pouch.
New final transistor RD15
DDS controlled, Minature LCD display with frequency
3-5W output
1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 100KHz tuning rate availabe
Dual VFO with 40 memories
Memory transfer to VFO
One tuning knob plus 4 keys to realize all functions such as Step, Mode, A/B, Memory/VFO, Memory to VFO transfer, etc.
Built in speaker, mic and PTT
Enclosure size: 195mm(L) x 68mm (w) x 38mm (T)