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Youkits TJ5A HF 20W SSB CW Transceiver 2016 version coming soon!


RX:3.500-30.000Mhz (broardband RX is available by adjusting the jump cap)
Tx:7.000-7.3000Mhz, 14.000-14.350Mhz,21.000-21.450Mhz, 28.000-29.700Mhz
High performance AGC
features strong signal handing ability
+/- 120Hz RIT is available
DDS controlled, LCD display,heavy duty metal case
SSB: 0.25-20W, CW:0.1-10W output adjustable,rx sensitivity 0.2uV
10Hz,100Hz,1KhHz,10KHz,100KHz tuning rate available
Dual VFO with 40 memories
Memory transfer to VFO
Crystal IF filter 2.4K
RX:250MA, TX:4A
size:180mm wide x 58mm high x 200mm deep, battery case deep 35mm
weight: 1500g without battery

Operating manual updated 12/Dec
Quick Guide to DDS CLOCK Alignment of TJ5A updated 14/Jan
Quick Guide to Alignment of TJ5A
Alignment of TJ5A updated 14/Jan
CW filter manual
CW filter part list